Many of us are doing the best we know how, not necessarily the best we can. – Marvin Paul Skinner


I come from really poor people.  Poor as in no electricity or running water.  My parents didn’t even have a house or a tent to live in when they got married and started having kids.

They lived in a chicken house, not one of the modern fancy climate controlled ones, but a dirt and chicken manure floor, a nesting room and a roosting room.  No insulation, and there were inch wide cracks in between the wall boards.  They had to take turns staying up at night to keep the rats off their babies (my older brother and sister).

I don’t really want to hear how socioeconomic status is to blame for every ill in society.  My parents worked hard and made a good life for themselves, because they had to.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          -Dr Kyla Dillard