Homos for Harper Explained

Some people are misunderstanding what Homos for Harper was about.  The date was Jan 19, 2006.  All the news reporters and pundits were saying that Stephen Harper had no chance at forming a government, because 80% of Canadians were for gay rights and the Conservatives were anti-gay.

The Conservatives were not anti-gay and were not campaigning on gay rights; the other parties were simply trying to smear Stephen Harper with the label homophobic.

A contributor from Quebec had been on the week before and he said that he could forgive any Liberal scandal, because they put gay marriage through.  I thought that was stupid and irresponsible, besides, the Liberals had a majority government for 12 years and could have easily put gay marriage through if they supported it.

Gay marriage only got through because the court ruled that the government had to allow it.  They were given a deadline and put it through, with a whipped vote, in the very last days of the timeline.  I believe that the whipped vote was to protect people like Joe Fontana, who was a cabinet minister then, but was very much against gay marriage.

I am not running as a gay Conservative.  I am running as a Conservative.  I have no interest in symbolism or in infiltrating the party to try and change it.  In 2006, I wanted to see a responsible government elected.  The idea that I might one day run for office was not even considered, because back then, I wasn’t even a citizen.

Stephen Harper did win, and against the odds, he formed the government.  I like to think I helped a little bit.