If someone votes for me, simply because I a lesbian, I will be offended.

Deciding to vote based on a characteristic that has nothing to with intelligence, ability, or willingness to step up and be effective would be a really lazy way to make that decision.  Elections have consequences.  I am not interested in symbolism or trying to infiltrate and change the Conservative Party from the inside.

I am NOT running as a Conservative lesbian.  I am running as a Conservative who will take great pride in closely watching how we spend your money, with the constant aim of spending less of it.  Make no mistake, there is no such thing as government money or public money.  The only money that governments have is money that they have taken from the taxpayers under threat of imprisonment.  There is no moral high ground in taking more from the pockets of the people than is absolutely necessary to serve them.  In my opinion, doing so is theft, plain and simple.

As an elected official, my employers will be the taxpayers and citizens of Canada.  My duty is to look after the interests of the people who make this country work.